• We have been in business since 1986.
  • Out experience goes back to 1977 when the mainframe computer systems were the big iron.
  • As the technology changed, we changed with it.
  • The advent of the personal computers brought with it the opportunity and challenges to move the information into the hands of the end users and to give them more control over the information they needed to get the job done.
  • When networks and mainframes were married by Client/Server development, we were there.
  • The Internet arrived and our experience with all of the technology that came before it made it an easy transition for us to be there as well.
Our Vision:
Our vision is to see information in the hands of those that need it in a timely fashion.   We do this by helping you define your needs and getting the picture (your vision) of what you want to see and working toward implementing your vision.

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