Internet Marketing Strategies that boost your visitors and conversions.

So you either want or have a website and you want people to find you. Having a website is part of your overall marketing strategy of your business. We assist you in filling the gap and build a strategy for your business that will drive more traffic to your website and assist you in converting that traffic to sales.

There are a number of different pieces involved from great search engine optimization so people can find you among the millions of other pages out there in the Internet, to superb copywriting to convert that traffic to sales once they arrive.

We've provided a list of articles to help get you on your way and we are here to guide you step-by-step on your way to enjoying a successful Internet business.

Dynamic Content to Improve your Search Engine Positioning

Many of you have the capability to add dynamic pages to your web site using the Story Maintenance or Dynamic Content Maintenance features of the SACC Content Management System Administrative section.

Are you using the right keywords

Selecting the right keywords that drive traffic to your site is the most important part of your Internet Marketing Strategy.

Building Linking Partners to Improve your Search Engine Positioning

In its simplest form, the search engines look at the number of links pointing to your site from other sites and have a formula for determining where you should rank when people search for your keywords. We refer to this as Inbound Linking.

Building Linking Partners Part II

In this section, I am reiterating some of the concepts I explained earlier and I will explain about a successful experiment that I have been conducting around automating the reciprocal linking process.

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