Here are some samples of our work:
Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator - David Miller
This site utilizes a combination of the responsive coding of Bootstrap with ColdFusion 11 to produce a fully dynamic site that scales from SmartPhones to full desktop view.
Web based car dealership software scheduling solution for car sales
What if… there were a low-cost way to track the progress of your cars for customer pickup from your desktop? -- There is, Software Advantage brings you Auto Scheduler Advantage, a unique and easy to use web based car dealership software scheduling solution for tracking cars through your prep department. A simple glance at your computer screen and your worries are over. Now your sales people can focus on sales. Automotive Software Programs
Reiki Web Store
This full featured eCommerce system utilizes SQL Server, ColdFusion MX7, including ColdFusion Components. ColdFusion Report Builder was used in developing many of the reports. Some use of Flash Forms are in place in the back end including a full WYSIWYG editing of Customer Categories, Custom Product Pages with Cart Wizards for complete flexibility in designing the web site. The store has a shopping cart and interfaces to UPS, CyberSource utilizing XML and Java Functionality.
Virtual News Net
This service of Software Advantage provides a complete content management system for publishers of Newspapers and Newsletters to place their publications on the Internet. We answer the question Should newspapers convert to e-publishing? Also, includes the ability to have on-line surveys and an on-line discussion forum.
Hamilton Chevrolet Car Delivery Scheduling
This site provides Hamilton Chevrolet's sales department and car prep department with a fully functional web based scheduling software system. Each of the sales persons can schedule a car with their prep department and see the status throughout the day as cars get completed and are readied for delivery. See our offer!
Lightweight Expanded Polystyrene Interlocking Systems
Instead of relying on 300-year old building techniques, that being what most would consider standard home construction, we have spent time developing and perfecting building materials that bring technology to the fore-front of home and factory construction. Today we are among the top builders of homes in Michigan to use alternative building materials. We know that once you see the homes we have built you will be interested in hearing more, and when you hear that we can save you up to 75% on your energy bill you will want your next home to be a Reddi-Wall home.
Personal Growth | Spirituality | Conscious Mind Journal
Conscious Mind Journal is dedicated to bringing you the freshest articles and stories from around the world as they relate to personal growth, spirituality, metaphysics and the evolution of human consciousness. Conscious Mind Journal utilizes the Virtual News Net engine to power its pages.
Scuba Diving News
This site about scuba diving has equipment reviews, stories and links to resources. It utilizes our link generation management system of our content management to provide flexibility.
Mental Health Professionals, PC
We created this site so that new content can be added to it on a regular basis through our easy to use content management system. New therapies can be added to the site at any time, day or night. The clean look is what they were after, so we provided it.
Consumer Awareness Journal
We've utilized our Virtual News Net content management engine to drive this site dedicated to Consumer Awareness with the ability to have a multitude of informative articles. This is where you can go to find stories and the latest scoops on consumer issues that effect you. In our pages you will find objective information on a wide range of products and services. From your security to your overall well-being, we provide the most informative and evocative stories on the planet. I think you will find whatever you are looking for in this issue and in future issues
Buff Whelan Delivery Schedule
This site provides Buff Whelan sales department and car prep department with a fully functional web based scheduling software system. Each of the sales persons can schedule a car with their prep department and see the status throughout the day as cars get completed and are readied for delivery. See our offer!
Investor's Advantage
Now you can chart Individual Stocks and General Market Trends on your PC, using proven technical market indicators for superior investment analysis. Investor's Advantage for Windows (a software program) also generates a weekly or daily report of all the stocks that you track, sorted strongest to weakest by a strength rating. This rating is calculated based on the price performance of each individual stock. The more stocks you track, the better your chances of including the strongest stocks in your portfolio.
NAPA Gaskets On-line Training
We worked with our clients to build in the functionality for a versatile on-line training and tracking system. We track the progress through the use of bookmarks and scoring of quizes. Progress is measured by Region and individual user. The powerful back-end provides the capability to add more chapters and lessons, preview them before releasing them to the registered users of the system. The page update section for each lesson utilizes a WYSIWYG interface and incorporates Flash presentations. The quizes are built through the back-end administrative function. Each list of questions for each quiz is scrambled based upon a randomizer each time the quiz is accessed.
Gratiot in Clinton Township
The Clinton Township DDA approached us to develop and host their website. We provide a dynamic directory which can be updated by the DDA at any time of day by just logging into an easy to use content management system and entering the information they want to appear in the directory. Individual companies can be in multiple categories within the directory. The DDA also has the ability to upload newsletters in PDF format which make them accessible to the public.
The Ad-Vertiser
The Ad-Vertiser is a publication dedicated to Advertising and Sherman Publications loves the ease of use to which the Virtual News Net service provides. Classified uploads of over 800 classifieds weekly are uploaded from their layout files in under a minute. Built in capabilities that are in use are, rotating banner ads, button ads, on-line submission of Classifieds, on-line request for Trial Subscription and request for special reports. Also, utilized is the Join Email list feature that keeps the Ad-Vertiser in front of the frequent visitors by placing the weekly reminder into their email in box.
Medcare Service
This site that specialize in Tens Unit devices incorporates Flash MX and Cold Fusion to provide an easy to use interface to the Pain Control Devices specialist that runs this site. We have increased the search engine ranking of this site by capitalizing on the key phrases appropriate to this site. This site also has built-in eCommerce and the ability to post new articles and stories, either as text or Word and PDF attachments. We have provided a lot of flexibility in this site.
Elvis Has Left The Building
This site promotes a music video that can be purchased and downloaded within a protected environment. The site utilizes Flash and Cold Fusion linking to Paypal for payment.
The Perfect Workshop
This site utilizes a combination of Flash and Cold Fusion to present this company in a positive light, while giving them the capability to update their product line at any time.
The Bunker Boys
This site provides The Bunker Boys with on-line ordering of individual songs for downloading and the ability to purchase their CD online. Use of Cold Fusion makes the online ordering possible.
Metrodine - Metro Detroit Guide to Restaurants, Dining and Entertainment
This guide to Metro Detroit Restaurants and entertainment facilities utilizes a dynamically updateable database for the Directory, the Event Calendar, Voting for Favorites, Banner and Button Ad displays and has Search functionality for either the directory or for events.  It also includes some Flash features advertising the Contest.
AAA Industries, Inc.
This site utilizes Flash and Cold Fusion, combining images and animated text to present a look and feel that goes with the quality of the Specialists in High Volume Production Parts.
Crystal Gail - Reconnective Healing
This site was created to promote the Energy Healing | Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection and the AIM Program (based on Energetic Balancing).  We used Flash and Cold Fusion to provide dynamic updating of products, testimonials and links to other related sites.
Tee To Green
This site utilizes Flash and Dynamic Cold Fusion driven pages to present information about Golf Courses and Sponsors for Granite Tee Markers.
Bank One - Residential Construction Loan Information System
We worked closely with the head of the Residential Construction Loan Department for Bank One to develop this state of the art client server application.  We utilized SQL Server, MS-Access and Visual Basic to integrate information from three different systems into an easy to use application that provides tracking of construction loans and all of the required paperwork.  We also analyzed other processes taking place and created systems to leverage the information that we collected.
BASF Colorants and Coatings Division Intranet
We built all of the templates for the BASF Colorants and Coatings Division Intranet.   The site had multiple levels of information and navigation.  The team wanted to incorporate a lot of color to emphasize what they are about.  The dual navigation scheme utilized color coded navigation buttons across the top as well as the text based navigation along the left hand side of the site.

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