Dynamic Content to Improve your Search Engine Positioning

How you can use dynamic content pages to help you boost your search engine ranking. 
Many of you have the capability to add dynamic pages to your web site using the Story Maintenance or Dynamic Content Maintenance features of the SACC Content Management System Administrative section.  You can provide useful articles to your visitors to keep them coming back and attract new visitors.

Five important points to remember about your content:

  1. provide information that is valuable to your customers
  2. must be relavent to your products/services
  3. must be keyword rich
  4. The more pages you add the better
  5. Update it often

Follow these five points and you will be helpful to your customers and it also gives you a boost in search engine positioning.

Boost your Rankings and Receive More Traffic
You see the major search engines use link popularity to boost your rankings in search results. Not only do your linking partners count in boosting your rankings, but your internal linking structure helps to boost your positioning.  Each of your pages have links to the other pages in your site.  As you add more content by creating more pages of valuable, keyword rich content, the search engines will notice more links and boost your rankings.  And, if you build your pages with keyword topics that your customers (and prospective customers) would look for, it is an additional bonus.

Keep your Customers Interested
By adding more content, you keep your customers interested, you get more traffic to your website.  More traffic, more customers, more money in your bank account. So, what are you waiting for? Start adding relevant content today!

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