SQL Server programming in Michigan

Improved Efficiency Reducing Report Turnaround Time
With our SQL Server programming skills we can improve the efficiency of your information systems. We design relational databases by defining your information needs, designing tables (data sets), indexes and normalizing the data to be most efficient and reducing network traffic by having the server do all of the data crunching for you.

Advanced Stored Procedures to Streamline Your Operation
We utilize advanced stored procedures to combine data in ways that you would never have thought about as you begin to mine the resources of your SQL Server database. The programming techniques that we use are easily maintainable as well as extremely efficient.

Comprehensive Database Analysis
We have analyzed many of our clients' existing database and have found ways to optimize queries that in the past have taken over 30 minutes to run and have them running in under 2 minutes. This has greatly improved the turnaround time on reports and reduced the load on the server as well. When our client that had the 30+ minute query running, everything else on their network was brought to its knees. Everybody in the office knew what was happening whenever this particular report was being run, and after our SQL Server optimization, those complaints were quieted as well. The increased productivity easily paid for the small amount of analysis and programming that was need to straighten out the mess.

Optimized Reporting Give You The Information Edge
Many of the reports that we write, either using MS-Access, Crystal Reports or the new ColdFusion Report Builder start by a solid design of a query or stored procedure in SQL Server. Once we've analyzed what the client requires for his/her report, we find the most efficient way to program the store procedure and MS SQL server executes these stored procedures very efficiently.

We Can Work On-Site or Remotely
While most of our clients that require SQL Server programming are in Michigan, we do a fair amount of remote work to optimize our clients' databases. We've also performed many conversions, or upsizing of Access databases to SQL Server that has greatly benefited our clients.

Move Up to SQL Server
Email us or call us at 586-264-5632 to implement or optimize your SQL Server database.


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