Dynamic Content Pages using ColdFusion

We use ColdFusion Programming to provide you with the ability to change the content of your pages using an online WYSIWYG interface.  You can upload images, create links, use style sheets and not have to know how to build web page or know HTML.  When you want to educate your users about your products, the freedom to make the changes is yours.

This is a huge money-saving opportunty for your web presence.  You can change your content any time of day and it immediately appears on your website.  Some of our customers that have dynamic pages that utilize our Dynamic Pages are:

Medcare Service
In order to optimize his page for content and search engines for the keywords TENS Unit, Medcare Service's home page is entirely dynamic.  He can change the content to be relevant, change what appears in the title bar, description and keywords.  This helps to boost his rankings in the major search engines.

The Great Big Idea
This site allows the owner to add more pages to his site under two different dynamic categories.   One category is Spiritual Community and the other one is Initiatives.  In addition to these categories, the About Us page is also dynamic content.

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