ColdFusion Content Management features for your website.

Keep your web site content fresh and compelling.
Now you can have advanced content management features added to your web site, or have a web site built with content management features.

Advanced Security for Segregation of Duties.
You have the capability with our Advanced Security system to assign different levels of security for each area of functionality of your web site.

You gain the full benefit of delegation to different parts of your organization.

Features and Benefits

Dynamic Event Calendars

Dynamic Event Calendars allow you to keep your events in front of your visitors.

Easily Modifiable Surveys

Dynamic Surveys are a great way to collect statistics and analyze information.

eCommerce Catalogs and On-line ordering

eCommerce applications are very important for an on-line business.

RSS Feeds

Adding RSS (real simple syndication) feeds to your web site keep your visitors informed without them having to visit.

Dynamic Content Pages using ColdFusion

Dynamic content pages make it easy for you to manage the content of your website.

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